300-Man Commander
Hierarchical Information
Rank 300-Man Commander
Troops 300
Division(s) 10-Man Squad
5-Man Squad (Go)
Lieutenant Yes
Strategist No
Cavalry Yes
100-Man Commander
1000-Man Commander

A 300-Man Commander is a military commander who can commands 300 men and usually is the leader of a 300-Man Unit. Like with other ranks a commander can gain this position getting achievements, like slay generals/important commanders, fulfilling tasks and proving to be worthy.



A 300-man unit is the standard 300-man unit and is assigned to at least a 1000-man unit.

It takes orders from a commander with a higher rank.

Independent Edit

Is a special unit and can only be given orders by a general.

They are not assigned to any unit unless are in a certain major battlefields and when assigned they take orders from superior officers.



A higher ranked commander can’t give orders to every soldier, so they give the orders to a 300-man commander, who in their turn will give to 5-Man Squad Leader or 10-man Squad Leader. The commander isn't completely free to choose how to do things, but does have certain margin to operate.


When independent the commander gets a slightly greater responsibility. Given that usually there is no higher-ranked officer assigned to them. They get certain tasks and can do whatever they want on how to achieve them.


The commander is allowed to promote soldiers to 10-man Squad Leader.

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