A Kou Army
A Kou Army
Group Info
Name A Kou Army
Troops 20,000
Location Battle at Shukai Plains
State Qin
Part of Ou Sen Army
Affiliation Qin Military
Status Active
Group Personnel
Reporting to Ou Sen
Leader A Kou
Lieutenant(s) Gu Nei
Side Infos
Specialty Frontal Assault

The A Kou Army also known as the First Division is the army led by General A Kou of the State of Qin and one of the Forces under General Ou Sen .

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Western Zhao Invasion ArcEdit

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Leader Edit

A Kou

Adjutant Edit

Gu Nei deputy
Gu Nei
Slain by Gyou’un

1000-Man Commanders Edit

A Ka Kin 2
Kan Jou portrait
Kan Jou
Joined Gyoku Hou Unit



Ei Gan
Ei Ki
Ei Ki
No image
Ba En
No image
Ba Ri
Kyuu kou portrait
Kyuu Kou
Joined Gyoku Hou Unit
Shou taku portrait
Shou Taku
Joined Gyoku Hou Unit


No image
Hian †
No image
Den Jitsu †
No image
Rin Shun †

Soldiers Edit

Ju Ho
Ju Ho
Gu Nei Unit



No image
Red Fang Calvary Group

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A Kou Army
A Kou Army
20,000 Men