Alliance Arc

Alliance Arc cover

Media Information
Starting Date August 1, 2013
Ending Date August 8, 2013
Chapters 174-182
Number of Chapter 9
Battle of Bayou Arc
Third Faction Arc

Alliance Arc is the 7th story arc of the Kingdom manga.


One year after the Battle of Bayou, Ryo Fui messaged Shun Pei Kun, the Zhao king's lover, and asked him to visit him in Qin's capital, in order to work together to repair a small measure of the Qin-Zhao relations. However, his secret intention was to kidnap the young boy and ask from the Zhao king to send prime minister Ri Boku in Kanyou as an exchange hostage. King Tou Jou had no choice but to abide to Ryo Fui's demands, as Shun Pei Kun was too valuable for him to spare.

So, Ri Boku moved to Kanyou accompanied by his lieutenants and appeared in the king's hall, where the Ryo Faction, Ou Ki's vassals, Shin and the king himself with his advisers were present. Ryo revealed his intention to murder the enemy great general on spot, but Ri Boku had a counter proposal prepared, in order to save his life. He offered the forging of an alliance between the two states, which would help them expand their borders without fearing each other. After cruel negotiations, Ryo accepted the offer and the alliance was forged. After that, a huge banquet was held to honor the agreement, in which Ri Boku and Shin had a brief talk.

During the first months of the alliance, the state of Qin held many skirmishes around the borders with the state of Wei, where the Hi Shin Unit as well as other small units had the chance to raise their fame and gain experience.


In this Arc:

  • Shin becomes a 300-man commander.
  • An alliance between the states of Qin and Zhao is established.
  • Ou Hon is introduced.

Characters IntroducedEdit


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