Assassination Plot Arc

Shiyuu Arc cover

Media Information
Starting Date April 25, 2013
Ending Date May 5, 2013
Chapters 82-96
Number of Chapter 15
Escape from Zhao Arc
Training Arc

Assassination Plot Arc is the 4th story arc of the Kingdom manga.


After the Keiyou Campaign, a disturbance in the palace was created with the assassination of 15 men who held political power. The assassins belonged to 5 clans, the Gouma, Kensen, Kakuriki, Shukyou and Shiyuu. It is revealed that Kyou Kai is a member of the Shiyuu clan and is involved in the plot to assassinate the king.

Shin was summoned to the royal palace, as a last resort to provide protection for the king. While Shin fought the Kensen clan, Kyou Kai saved Ten by killing the Kakuriki clan with ease. Shin arrived at Ei Sei's chambers and they attempted to escape through a secret tunnel. However, the door was locked on the other side and the Shukyou clan emerged along with Kyou Kai.

Kyou Kai engaged Shin in a duel and demonstrated a superior swordsmanship derived from the Shiyuu's Priestess Dance. However, she seemed reserved, as if she didn't really want to fight Shin. At that point, the Gouma clan arrived at the same time as the Shukyou leader decided Kyou Kai was not the true Shiyuu.

As the Gouma launched an attack, Kyou Kai teamed up with Shin and asked him to buy her 30 seconds. Shin managed to somehow provide that time for her to rest and after that, Kyou Kai performed the dance and killed quite a few enemies, until she collapsed leaving three Gouma and one Shukyou left standing.

As they went for the King, the Royal Guards and retainers arrived, killing the remaining assassins. Shin convinced the guards to leave Kyou Kai alone and treat her wounds instead, claiming that she helped protect the king.

As her injuries were being taken care of, it was revealed that Kyou Kai is actually a woman. Once she regained consciousness, Kyou Kai escaped the palace, but was caught on the walls by Ten. In a brief chat, Kyou Kai reveals her tragic past as a member of the Shiyuu clan and how she desires to avenge her sister's death.


  • Shin is promoted to 100-man Commander.
  • King Ei Sei faces an assassination attempt.
  • Kyou Kai's origins, background and technique are explained.
  • Many assassin clans are introduced.
  • Kyou Kai is revealed to be a woman.
  • Ryo Fui is revealed to be the mastermind behind the assassination plot.

Characters IntroducedEdit


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