Bakuya Sword
Weapon Info
Name Bakuya Sword
Type Sword
Owner Kou Yoku

The Bakuya Sword is known as one of the "Five Treasured Swords" of Chinese History.


During the Spring and Autumn period, there resided a beautiful swordsmith couple in the state of Wu (now north eastern Chu). The husband Kanshou (Gan Jiang) and the wife Bakuya (Mo Ye). Both were said to possess a divine talent for their craft especially Kanshou whose name has been left in the annals of history. Under orders from the Wu King, the two of them were tasked with forging the greatest pair of swords they had ever created. However, soon after completion, Kanshou was slain over unknown circumstances by the king and his line came to an end. As for the last two works, both were placed among the ranks of the "Five Treasured Swords." And the names of these two blades were simply called "Kanshou" and "Bakuya." The swords are called demon swords because they're said to each carry a soul due to the strong sentiment held by the swordsmith couple when forging them. It is said there is nothing that those swords cannot cut. And if you suffer a cut from them, the wounds will never close. The Bakuya Sword is currently in the possession of Kou Yoku.

Treasure swords

Kan Shou & Bakuya forging swords

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Manga Edit

Bakuya Sword (Slant)
Slant position

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