Qin vs. HanEdit

In the 51st year of king Sho's reign, 256 B.C. General Kyou attacks Han and conquers the castles You and Fushou and slays 40,000 enemies.

Qin vs. ZhaoEdit

In the same year Kyou invades the state of Zhao and conquers over 20 provinces. Enemies slain or captured total 90,000.

Somewhere in the past Ren Pa army fought against Ou Ki army at which Rin Ko managed to get a blow on Ou Ki.

Qin vs. WeiEdit

In the 53rd year of king Sho's reign, Kyou takes the castle Go from Wei.

Zhao vs. YanEdit

Sometime in the past Ri Haku of Zhao held down a small city with only 7,000 soldiers against a 50,000 strong Yan army. Ri Haku won.

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