Bottle Neck


Bottle Neck anime portrait

Weapon Info
Name Bottle Neck
Type Tactical Formation
Used by Ka Ryo Ten
The Bottle Neck is a terrain of having numerous branching paths.


From one side the bottle neck splits into off into numerous branching paths. So the enemy on that side splits their forces up due to the narrow paths. These conditions make it that even 500 men can defeat a 1000 men. The defending side will usually use one of their heavy weight squads to completely block one path. Then slowly advance forward. Until they push them all the way into the enemies bottle neck. By accomplishing that, they will have cut off the entrance from the various enemy detachments. Having suddenly lost their avenue of retreat, the enemy squads will definitely descend into a state of confusion. Giving the defenders the chance to strike all of them down in a single blitz.


The bottleneck strategy is only effective, because the defenders mange to control the enemies advance. But so long as they enemy scatters their forces through the myriad of paths, with their smaller numbers they will not be able to block every last one of the routes. The moment a single squad breaks through, they'll be on to the headquarters immediately. 


Manga Edit

Bottle Neck
Bottle Neck's terrain
Bottle Neck's weakness

Anime Edit

Bottle Neck anime S2
Bottle Neck's terrain

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