The Two of Them

Chapter 100 Cover

Release Date 05/12/2013
Arc Training Arc
Chapter 100
Volume 10
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The Two of Them is the 100th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Ryo Fui faction left the royal palace and on of Ryo Fui four pillars Ri Shi asks him why he send in assassins. If he had asked him, he would have succeeded. He then merely states on what the fun in that. Sai Taku states that everything that has transpired of the chancellor being childish and bored. This is because he lost his playing partner Ketsu Shi. Then Ryo Fui and his men return to their estate. The officials of Ei Sei Faction are very angry, mostly because of their powerlessness of being able to pass judgement on Ryo Fui. The most angry of them all is Ei Sei as he is stamping on his throne. Shin then has a talk with Ei Sei on a balcony to calm Ei Sei down. They have a talk about Ei Sei powerlessness and the Ryo Faction strength. Ei Sei then states that Ryo Fui was 12-13 years ago a merchant of a foreign state. He invested a large sum of his fortune into Ei Sei father who wasn't a originally a successor to the throne. He became king because if Ryo Fui money. Then as a reward he was made chancellor. Ei Sei then tells Shin that the mountain king is further uniting the clans. Ei Sei then states that a next war may be come soon.


Characters IntroducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Ryo Fui attempt to assassinate Ei Sei is a game for him.
  • Ryo Fui and his men return to their estate.
  • 12-13 years ago Ryo Fui was a merchant.
  • The mountain king is attacking other tribes to unite them.
  • Ryo Fui doesn't care about Ketsu Shi faction joining Ei Sei faction.



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