A New Path

Chapter 101 Cover

Release Date 05/12/2013
Arc Training Arc
Chapter 101
Volume 10
Chapter Guide
Chapter 100
Chapter 102

A New Path is the 101st chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


After the events that have transpired in the royal palace, Ka Ryo Ten still hasn't found out what she want to do with her life. She is thinking back on the events of Sei Kyou rebellion. she is thinking even after the amount of money Shin received of that, he still kept moving forward. She then remembers her talk with Kyou Kai about getting stronger and she is told that there is one option. Ka Ryo Ten and Shin are riding a cart as they are leaving Kanyou. Ka Ryo Ten tells Shin about Kyou Kai past as they have a long ride ahead of them. Kyou Kai option for Ka Ryo Ten revolves leaving her old life behind. After finding the courage to tell Shin on what she wants the become, She tells him she wants to be a strategist. Shin is shocked and then remembers that he doesn't know what a Strategist is. After being told what a strategist is and does, Shin then tells her that because she has a good head, being a strategist is good for her. Shin then tells her that he doesn't view her as a kid anymore after everything the have been through.


Characters introducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Ka Ryo Ten tells Shin about Kyou Kai past
  • Ka Ryo Ten and Shin leave Kanyou.
  • Ka Ryo Ten wants to a strategist.



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