Stateless Area

Chapter 107 Cover

Release Date 05/19/2013
Arc Training Arc
Chapter 107
Volume 10
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Chapter 106
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Stateless Area is the 107th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Shin is kicked out by Ou Ki and Shin is falling from a cliff. Shin luckily falls in the water. En asks Ou Ki on what he is doing as he responds that this is training. Shin sees that there are people fighting with each other. While Shin is starting his training, Ka Ryo Ten is training as a strategist as well. Mou Ki received permission from Shou Hei Kun that they are allowed to accompany the army staff in the next war. Although they are allowed to accompany them, they aren't allowed to voice any opinion. Mou Ki tells that her master states that the real battle is far better for training then tabletop war games. Ou Ki informs Shin that this one of the many stateless areas located in Qin. He tells that part of Shin training is to subjugating this region. En tells that this is unreasonable as Shin can't do this on his own strength. Ou Ki states that he doesn't expect Shin to do it with his own strength, that is why he took Shin sword. The tribe Shin is currently at is the weakest of the ten tribes in this area and that their population is numbered around a hundred. The defensive line of the weakest tribe is full of old people and women. One of the children is suddenly being attacked and Shin intervenes. While at it he tells the people on what they have to do in order to protect themselves. Ou Ki states that the purpose of this training is the difficulty of leadership and the strength of unity. As Shin and Ka Ryo Ten are training and winter has arrived. Qin will rally its arly in the second month of the new year.


Characters introducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Shin starts his training.
  • Ka Ryo Ten already started her training.
  • Mou Ki and Ka Ryo Ten received permission from Shou Hei Kun that they are allowed to accompany the army staff in the next war.
  • Shin training is subjugating a stateless area.
  • It is winter.



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