Chapter 11 cover

Release Date December 11, 2011
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 11
Volume 2
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Chapter 9
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Conviction is the 11th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Shin and Muta's duel continues, Ei Sei watches the fight from afar. Shin narrowly dodges Muta's counter and counters yet again, this time he slightly grazes the assassin's arm. Falling to the ground Shin quickly recovers cursing Muta as he rises. Muta realises Ei Sei has emerged, Ei Sei offers Shin his help and Shin declines. Muta takes Ei Sei's not joing the fight as another underestimation of his abilities which infuriates him even more. Muta launches an all out offensive attacking Shin with repeated strikes, Shin barely parries an attack directed at his body and is sent crashing to the ground yet again. Shin rises, Ten and Ei Sei realise Shin is hesitating. Ei Sei calls for Shin to move forward, empowering him to attack instead of defend bringing the two warriors to a deadlock.

Meanwhile back in the capital Shi Shi continues to doubt General Ou Ki by pointing out that the head he'd brought to Ketsu Shi was to beaten and disfigured to ascertain whether or not it was Shou Bun Kun's head or not. General Ou Ki claims all of his fallen enemies look that way and casually threatens to show Shi Shi with one of his staff's heads. Shi Shi questions Ou Ki's motives, Ou Ki tells Shi Shi flatly that he lives for a world filled with battle.

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