Gathering Comrades

Chapter 112 Cover

Release Date 05/23/2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 112
Volume 11
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Chapter 111
Chapter 113

Gathering Comrades is the 112th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Ou Ki is about to tell Ei Sei the message king Sho left him. Meanwhile everyone is waiting outside as then Tou come outside the gather everyone. The ceremony is now over and Ou Ki is now appointed Commander in Chief. At Bayou the fight is already going strong. Ei Sei has a talk with Shin about this unusual event and tells him to be on his guard. There is more to this battle than meets the eye. Heki is then in charge of a unit of Infantry as he then sees Kyou Kai and things she is her as an assassin. The army soldiers are being notified of who the Commander in Chief will be and are ordered to form their squads. Shin then finally arrives at the battlefield as he then still needs to form his squads in his unit of 100 man.


Characters introducedEdit

  • Ryo kusui mentioned

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Ou Ki is now officially appointed Commander in Chief.
  • Heki is tasked to lead a unit of infantry.



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