Two Armies Aligned

Chapter 118 Cover

Release Date 05/26/2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 118
Volume 11
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Two Armies Aligned is the 118th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


At Bayou the Qin soldiers are being pushed back. They are requesting for back up, but they aren't any more left. The in the distance they see a huge Qin army coming to their aid. Vice General Man Goku is being notified of Ou Ki arrival, but tells them to ignore them. Kouson Ryuu however prepares for them as he orders his army to go in line formation. The Qin army notices that the Zhao army is changing their formation and some of Qin soldiers are getting afraid. Shin tries to give them some courage and gives the order to go and advance. The army is then ordered to halt and are given the order to march to the right. Hou Ken asks why Ou Ki hasn't attacked yet as Chou Sou then responds that he must fear the might of their Cavalry. At an old mountain castle near the battlefield, Ka Ryo Ten and Mou Ki along with some other strategist are gathered to have some real battle experience. The strategist notice that Zhao has divided their army in to five divisions. Meaning that they must have five generals assigned, while Qin only has two generals available. Ou Ki wishes his vassals good luck as they will take their positions. Both armies have finished their preparations and are about to engage.


Characters introducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Some of Bayou militia survived.
  • The strategist class are gathered to have some real battle experience.
  • Zhao split their army in five divisions.
  • Zhao has five generals assigned to this battle.
  • Qin has 2 generals assigned to this battle.



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