Loyal Retainer

Chapter 12 cover

Release Date December 30, 2011
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 12
Volume 2
Chapter Guide
Chapter 11
Chapter 13

Loyal Retainer is the 12th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Sei Kyou's rebel troops continue to follow the trail Muta had left to lead them Ei Sei's location. They stop when the captain thinks he hears something. Suddenly, he is pierced in the chest by a spear. Suprised, the rebels look around them, armored soldiers surround them from the tree line above them. The rebels recognise the soldier leading the attack.

Shin and Muta's duel continues in deadlock. Ten asks Ei Sei why Shin has started to fight better. Ei Sei explains that Shin is a very good fighter, but hasn't experienced a duel where he has to deflect the killing intent directed towards him. Shin and Muta exchange a number of blows where Shin slowly overcomes Muta and slashes him across the chest dealing him a grievous injury.  With the last of his strength Muta tries to kill Ei Sei, but just before he can use his blow dart., Shou Bun Kun appears with his soldiers. He cuts Muta down from behind finishing the assassin off. Shin recognizes Shou Bun Kun and immediately he tells him Hyou died. Shou Bun Kun ignores him and goes straight to Ei Sei and along with his soldiers bows his head. He apologizes for having failed Ei Sei so far and offers his life in return. He is happy that Ei Sei is still safe.


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