Left Army in Chaos

Chapter 123 Cover

Release Date 06/02/2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 123
Volume 12
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Left Army in Chaos is the 123rd chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Ka Ryo Ten along with the other strategist trainees see that a small unit is attacking Zhao, naming the Hi Shin Unit. Ryuu Sen is pulling ahead and charges in the enemy alone. The Zhao army aren't worried facing such a small army while Ryuu Sen is thinking about his family. He states however that Den Yuu was mistaken about his strength. While he easily defeats the front line of the Zhao army on his own, he states that his strength is 3 times stronger then his. Ou Ki sees that that Shin penetrated the enemy and states that the only two problems remaining. The first being whether or not they will be able to reach the enemy general and take his head. The other one being whether or not the left army will be able to hold out until then. Heki along with the left army is having a hard time dealing with the arrows. He hopes that the Zhao army run out of arrows soon. Heki along with the other units try to retreat as then Heki is being hit by multiple arrows. SHin unit is having a hard time breaking trough the enemy army and are being pinned down. Shin seeing that they have trouble switches the vanguard with the Suu Gen five man squad. This decision seemingly was a good choice as they now gain momentum. The strategist trainees don't see the Hi Shin Unit any more and they believe that this unit is running amok. Mou Ki however states that this is Ou Ki work. The Qin left army is getting massacred as nobody managed too see trough this trap. The left army is trying to retreat and Zhao then believes this is the end as the suddenly Heki shouts not to retreat.


Characters introducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Ryuu Sen charges in as first.
  • Den Yuu brought Ryuu Sen into the Hi Shin Unit.
  • Qin left army is having great casualties.
  • Heki is being pierced by multiple arrows.
  • The Qin left army is getting massacred



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