To Catch Off Guard

Chapter 124 Cover

Release Date 06/02/2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 124
Volume 12
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Chapter 123
Chapter 125

To Catch Off Guard is the 124th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Heki, barley being able to protect himself and severely wounded asks his unit not to retreat. The only hope for getting out of here alive is to move forward. Suddenly Kan Ou and his unit is arriving as they are headed for the enemy's base camp. Heki orders his unit to follow his lead as then the Zhao army is chocked to see some units moving forward. Fuu Ki however is not concern as they only consist of 1500 people. He then orders a unit of 3000 sweepers to annihilate the remnants of the Qin left army. Fuu Ki mind is locust solely on how to deal with the Qin remnants efficiently and therefore doesn't sense the presence of Shin and his unit. En, the lieutenant of the Hi Shin Unit tells everyone to not let anyone get separated and tells them not to give ups as they already are halfway trough. Some of Shin Unit notices that this is going too smoothly as this is a well trained army. Ro En explains that the well trained an army is, the greater the soldiers adhere to its command structure. In exchange however, the army will also not be able to utilize its true strength without orders from above. The orders from above however will not come rapidly as their general is currently focused on the Qin left army. At the same time however, the report of a hundred man attacking the Zhao HQ is going up in the chain of commands. After quite some time Fuu Ki then hears about a small unit attacking his men. He then deduces that Ou Ki must be aiming for his head and tells that can try. En Then reminds Ou Ki training in the stateless area as the only weapon they had is to caught the enemy off guard. The Hi Shin Unit manages to break trough the Zhao HQ, but are now surrounded by enemy's. Shin however doesn't let himself get intimidated and charges in. Kyou Kai then defeats some of the Zhao soldiers as well and then En orders the unit to follow their officers lead.


Characters introducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • 1500 Qin people are trying to attack the enemy hQ.
  • The Hi Shin Unit is halfway trough the HQ of Zhao.
  • Fuu Ki hears about a small unit attacking his men.
  • A flashback of Shin and En training is shown.
  • The Hi Shin Unit manages to break trough the Zhao HQ.



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