Chapter 129 cover

Release Date June 13, 2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 129
Volume 12
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Arrow is the 129th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Fuu Ki asks himself if his tactics were sound as he comes to the realisations its not. However there can be small problems that are inevitable as this is the nature of battle. He claims that the success of the enemy is due to the good luck and coincidence. He then comes to the conclusion that can't be it as he won't allow the enemy close in on mere luck. Everyone is in tension as they are waiting for the enemy General to be slain. The members of the Hi Shin Unit are waiting on Shin to finish the job, however him and Kyou Kai are having a hard time. It is understandable as they have been in a harsh battle form the start. Fuu Ki states that Kan Ou wasn't the cause for him being pushed back that far as he then looks at Shin. Although he can't believe that in a battle of hundred of thousand, a mere hundred can bring an army in disarray. Fuu Ki was played by Ou Ki. The latter states that Fuu Ki doesn't pay much attention for small details and that is the cause of him losing. Fuu Ki then orders his men to fall back in order to regroup and re strategies. When then he is about to retreat an army appear. Seemingly that of Qin. Fuu Ki doesn't believe this and claims that these flags must be fake. Which they were as they were only a small unit numbering in the 50. They were send by Ou Ki and were tasked to only raise the flags. Kan Ou used this confusion to get close to Fuu Ki as he then says that he is 10 years to early to challenge his lord. He states this is the end for him as then the angered Fuu Ki claims that they are the ones trapped. Kan Ou composed tells him that this is the end of the line as his lords arrow has arrived, naming Shin. Shin then kills the enemy general in one single slash. The Qin army is then cheering.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters introducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Fuu Ki asks himself if his tactics were sound.
  • Fuu Ki blaims Shin for his army being in disarray.
  • Fuu Ki was played by Ou Ki.
  • Fuu Ki orders his men to fall back in order to regroup and re strategies.
  • Ou Ki tasked 50 men to raise the flags to mislead Fuu Ki.
  • Fuu Ki is killed by Shin.



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