Winning Strategy

Chapter 134 cover

Release Date June 16, 2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 134
Volume 13
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Chapter 133
Chapter 135

Winning Strategy is the 134th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Shou Mou is walking the battlefield and only death remains. Some wolves are eating from the dead. Ri Haku walks towards him and asks what he is doing here so early as he then says he scouting out the battleground for later today. When Shou Mou turns he sees Hou Ken upwards the hill looking around. They both are asking themselves why he is one of the Three Great Heavens as Ri Haku] states he heard a rumour that he killed Kyou of the Six Great Generals of Qin. Kouson Ryuu would elaborate on this, but he has yet to say anything. The Zhao generals still go with the plan to use all their forces to trap Mou Bu and with this they believe to have assured victory. Qin soldiers were only informed of the plan by dawn as Ou Ki was suspicious of spies. Shin also hears about the plan and he is stoked about it. The Hi Shin Unit is being assigned to the 4th army under Kan Ou. Shin and his unit are walking to there post as everyone starts talking about them. Kan Ou then sees Shin and says that he is looking forward to see his efforts and says that this will be a brutal clash. Shin simply responds that this is what he wants. Ka Ryo Ten determines that the battle will be the same as yesterday, judging from their formation. Mou Ki however has his suspicions about this. The fourth day is about to begin and Mou Bu joined by Ou Ki 5 vassals goes in for the assault. The Zhao soldiers hears Mou Bu coming, but still have no idea about the others joining him. Ri Haku is then chocked to see Qin rear army is charging in as well. The Zhao generals are chocked when they deduce that Ou Ki aim is to attack their HQ.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters introducedEdit

Chapter notesEdit

  • Shou Mou is scouting out the battleground for later today.
  • Kouson Ryuu is one of the few people that know why Hou Ken is one of the Three Great Heavens.
  • The Hi Shin Unit is being assigned to the 4th army under Kan Ou.
  • The fourth day is about to begin.



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