Chapter 137 cover

Release Date June 20, 2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 137
Volume 13
Chapter Guide
Chapter 136
Chapter 138

Appearance is the 137th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Ou Ki compliments the soldiers for setting up the new HQ. The Infantry is halfway trough to their new location. Ou Ki says that there is no need for them to come here. Ou Ki is being given a report about the current state of the battle. Ryuu Koku has chosen to accompany Mou Bu as they are chasing after the Zhao soldiers. The other armies are proceeding to the mountains. Hou Ken has yet to make a move and Ou Ki reminds his last encounter with him. Everyone is tense as then Bi Hei hears something and shouts Zhao soldiers, but was a false alarm and the other members aren't happy about this. Ro En tells that there is no need to be tense as a while ago, the blue stone tribe already split off into the thickets to scout for us. We are being introduced to a new member of the Hi Shin Unit, a mountain person Seki. Te mountain people is Shin unit are feeling a bad vibe coming from the forest. At the strategist trainees, Ri Boku suggest to relocate themselves to get a better view point. However the trainees are suspicious about them as the don't know them. The night falls and the Hi SHin Unit is camped in the mountains. Bi Hei tries to release the tension by stating that he is going to marry Toubi. Den Ei then asks Taku Kei on how many children he got as he responds with six. Shin sees that Kyou Kai is a bit down and starts talking to her. She says that she doesn't have a place were she belongs or doesn't have a goal other then killing the person she is looking for. Shin states tha the Hi Shin Unit is her home. Kyou Kai then senses something and prepares to defend herself. It appears to be Hou Ken.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters introducedEdit

Chapter notesEdit

  • Qin soldiers are setting up the new HQ.
  • A flashback of Ou Ki duelling Hou Ken.
  • Taku Kei has six kids.



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