Night Time Strike

Chapter 138 cover

Release Date June 23, 2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 138
Volume 13
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Chapter 137
Chapter 139

Night Time Strike is the 138th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Hou Ken has appeared at the Roku O Mi and Kan Ou camp. An army numbering in the 22.000 men. The Qin soldiers are asking themselves why only one soldier of Zhao is attacking them. Shin then senses something and everyone is asking what the matter is. En says that he will take a look. Kyou Kai is running towards the feeling she sensed and believes that it may be a Clan Shiyuu. Although it is similar, she believes it to be something else, but close. Hou Ken is killing of Qin soldiers. The soldiers are scared of his power. They are shouting that there is an enemy attack and are sounding the gong. Shin hears about this and goes on an investigation. En takes charge and brings Shin unit together in order to prepare to defend themselves. Kan Ou hears about an enemy attack and orders to gather up men. Shin is chocked to see that there is no army. Kyou Kai has trouble pinpointing the source and some survivors tell Shin what they saw. En and the others then see some soldiers flying and are headed towards it. The Hi Shin Unit then are in front of Hou Ken and are stunned and scared. In one slash Hou Ken kills several Qin soldiers. Suu Gen then tells everyone to get away from him as he is not a normal soldier. En doesn't know what to do and hopes that Shin arrives soon.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters introducedEdit

Chapter notesEdit

  • Hou Ken is attacking Roku O Mi and Kan Ou camp.
  • Roku O Mi and Kan Ou camp numbers in the 22.000 men.
  • Kan Ou hears about an enemy attack and orders to gather up men.



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