Natural Calamity

Chapter 139 cover

Release Date June 23, 2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 139
Volume 13
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Chapter 138
Chapter 140

Natural Calamity is the 139th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Shin is searching for the person responsible for killing all those men. The soldiers try to stop him, because that person is not human. Shin states that it doesn't matter and will go anyway. The Hi Shin Unit are asking themselves who that is and Hou Ken tells them that he is a calamity of the heavens. Yuu Gi tries to attack Hou Ken, but get slain instead. Everyone is scared of his shear power as they have never seen such display of power. A lot of soldiers are running away as fast they can. En believes that if anyone can beat him it would be Shin and hopes that he will arrive soon. The Hi Shin Unit is about to be wiped out, if they do not act something fast. Shin then steps in and attacks Hou Ken. Shin is pushed back as he evaded one of his slashes. He is also angry as he sees the dead people around him. The soldiers of his unit are trying to stop him as some believe he is not an opponent he can take on. Shin is using his speed, but Hou ken is not breaking any sweat. Kyou Kai then arrives as well and steps in to attack Hou Ken. Hou Ken believes Shin and Kyou Kai to be the ones who called him.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters introducedEdit

Chapter notesEdit

  • Yuu Gi has been slain by Hou Ken.
  • The Hi Shin Unit is about to be wiped out.
  • Shin duels Hou Ken.
  • Hou Ken believes Shin and Kyou Kai to be the ones who called him.



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