Hard To Grasp

Chapter 143 cover

Release Date June 27, 2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 143
Volume 14
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Chapter 142
Chapter 144

Hard To Grasp is the 143rd chapter of the Kingdom manga.


The gongs are sounding and Kyou Kai is still faced off against Hou Ken. She is having a hard time dealing with him. Even after managing landing some hits and managing to wound him, she is getting the worst of it. The others of the Hi Shin Unit can only watch and hope for the best that Kyou Kai somehow will manage to win. Man Goku launched an attack on the Qin camp himself and thrown the army in a state of confusion. The Zhao General themselves don't have a grasp of the situation himself as Hou Ken acted on his own accord. Chou Sou then appears before Kou Son Ryuu and both are trying to understand the situation. They see that apart from the location Hou Ken is fighting, none of the others have made any moves. Mou Bu is watching the surroundings as it is impossible for armies to assist each other in mountains like this. Ou Ki deduced what is going on, but can't make a move. Some of the Zhao generals have doubt of Hou Ken strength. Because nobody knows what may happen in battle and the fact the Hou Ken is alone, they have to aid him. The Qin soldiers then are chocked to see Man Goku and his army behind him. Hou Ken is not pleased to see him while the Hi Shin Unit members believe they are done for. After all this commotion, Shin finally wakes up and manages to stand up. The ask him to retreat as they are no match for him. As Man Goku orders his men to attack, Kan Ou arrives and orders the Hi Shin Unit to get back. His units crossbow men are then aiming for Hou Ken and dodges the arrows quite easily. Everyone, Qin and Zhao alike are chocked to see how easily he blocked the arrows. Kan Ou then starts bolstering his forces and orders them to kill Hou Ken. The one who succeeds while be granted a lot of riches.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters introducedEdit

Chapter notesEdit

  • Man Goku launched an attack on the Qin camp.
  • Apart from the location Hou Ken is fighting, none of the others have made any moves.
  • Man Goku and his army behind him are at Hou Ken location.
  • Shin wakes up.
  • Kan Ou arrives to Hou Ken Location.
  • Zhao has 500 soldiers attacking.
  • Kan Ou has only 100 Cavalry with him.



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