Team Attack Plan

Chapter 145 cover

Release Date June 27, 2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 145
Volume 14
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Chapter 144
Chapter 146

Team Attack Plan is the 145th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Back at home Tou Bi is praying for Bi Hei safe return. Yuu Ri is there is as well to pray for Bi Tou. They see that they are not alone. People who have family members in this war are all praying. However they have confidence in their commander Shin. Shin orders all the squads into three groups, everyone except the Seki squad. He wants to surround Hou Ken in three directions. he wants them to gather weapons and to wait on his signal to attack. Kyou Kai tells Shin not to rely on her as her breath isn't returning. Shin claims he will kill Hou Ken instead of her. Kan Ou is faced of against Man Goku, a though opponent. Man Goku then starts smiling, angering Kan Ou. Kan Ou then sees that Shin and the Hi Shin Unit haven't escaped yet. He deduces that they may have a plan. Seki is ordered to give the signals to the groups to attack. The groups are throwing spears to Hou Ken. He however deflect them easily. Shin uses this diversion to get close to Hou Ken and launches a attack. Hou Ken however sees him and his surprise attack fails. Hou Ken slashes towards Shin and he manages to dodge it end then cuts him.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters introducedEdit

  • Yuu Ri

Chapter notesEdit

  • The loved ones of the people in the war are praying.
  • Shin orders all the squads into three groups, everyone except the Seki squad.
  • The Hi Shin Unit attacks Hou ken again.
  • Shin cuts Hou Ken.



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