The Bi Brothers

Chapter 147 cover

Release Date July 1, 2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 147
Volume 14
Chapter Guide
Chapter 146
Chapter 148

The Bi Brothers is the 147th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


As the Hi Shin Unit is retreating Man Goku is on the offensive. He then discovers that the unit escaping are responsible for Fuuki death. Due to the fall of Kan Ou, the battle between Qin 4th army and Man Goku army became one sided. Hou Ken lost the interest in fighting and disappears in the woods. The Hi Shin Unit has taken heavy losses while withdrawing from the centre of engagement. Man Goku took it on himself to chaise them down. While escaping the Hi Shin Unit are counting their losses. Taku Kei asks Suu Gen what happened to Kyou Kai as he says that Den Yuu is carrying her. Everyone is feeling down and angered that they screwed up as they couldn't tale the Zhao Commander in Chief. On a positive note They notice Shin is getting stronger and therefore they are making sure that Shin makes it out alive. Some members are even crying about the amazing Shin is as Bi Tou tate that this is just the beginning. Man Goku army has caught up with the Hi Shin Unit and starts firing arrows. They are protecting themselves the best they can, but they are tired and weakened by their last attack and are being killed one by one easily. Bi Tou, Bi Hei and Shin still on Bi Tou back sneaked past Man Goku army in order to get Shin out of there. Den Yuu takes it on himself to raise moral and to taunt Man Goku by stating not to underestimate them and then orders the charge. Man Goku noticed that Shin wasn't among them and asks himself what the reason was for that units high morale. Bi Hei is wounded and tired and tells Bi Tou to go ahead.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters introducedEdit

Chapter notesEdit

  • Kan Ou has fallen.
  • Hou Ken leaves the battlefield.
  • Man Goku army has caught up with the Hi Shin Unit and starts firing arrows.
  • Den Yuu takes it on himself to lead the Hi Shin Unit.
  • Bi Hei is wounded and tired and tells Bi Tou to go ahead.



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