Ouki's True Strength

Chapter 150 cover

Release Date July 1, 2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 150
Volume 14
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Chapter 149
Chapter 151

Ouki's true Strength is the 150th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


The Qin Cavalry is intercepting the Zhao army. The Hi Shin Unit are pleased to see them. Ou Ki states that he predicted Shou Mou movements. The former thinks it to be shame that the one in front of him is not responsible for the destruction of the 4th army. Therefore he will cast his wrath to Shou Mou. The latter starts making light of Ou Ki capabilities and believes Ou Ki is in a dangerous situation. Ou Ki army and Shou Mou army are ducking it out. Shin notices that Shou Mou army isn't like Fuu Ki army. The Hi Shin Unit sees Shou Mou killing of Qin soldiers on his path with ease and they believe that he must be at the same level as Mou Bu. Rin Bou then asks to speak with Tou about who is going to guard his lord. Rin Bou believes Shou Mou strength is dangerous and therefore they can't allow him to get near Ou Ki. Ou Ki after he hears that one of his unit is being destroyed is going in. Shou Mou states that the only reason Ou Ki is a legend is because he wasn't around. Ou Ki and Shou Mou are starting their duel and are going in for the kill. Up close Shou Mou then realises that he was mistaken about Ou Ki strength. Ou Ki then kills Shou Mou in one single slash.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters introducedEdit

Chapter notesEdit

  • Ou Ki states that he predicted Shou Mou movements.
  • Shou Mou army and Ou Ki army are fighting each other.
  • Ou Ki and Shou Mou are duelling.
  • Ou Ki kills Shou Mou.



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