Moubu Approaches

Chapter 151 cover

Release Date July 4, 2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 151
Volume 14
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Chapter 152

Moubu Approaches is the 151st chapter of the Kingdom manga.


After Ou Ki killed Shou Mou, his soldiers are retreating. Ou Ki is now in front of the Hi Shin Unit. He wants to talk to Shin as they have a walk. He says to him that his unit is been reduced to under half its original numbers. He asks him if it is painful as he just responds that he is trying not to think much about it. Shin states if he would think about it, he wouldn't be able to move forward and that is not what the fallen would have wanted. The only thing on his mind right now is how to get more achievements with only 36 men. Ou Ki thought Shin needed a cheering up, but it seems that wasn't necessary. The former then states that the path to General is a path of sacrifice. It is only by overcoming these trials that both Shin and his men that your unit will grow stronger and larger. At the Zhao HQ, Chou Sou is being notified of Hou Ken return. He asks Hou Ken from refraining doing these attacks and asks to inform him if he is planning on doing something. The Zhao soldiers then are being notified that Shou Mou is dead. There was also a other signal that Ou Ki has appeared. Chou Sou sates that this blow is not fatal and they need to stall the Qin forces and isolate Ou Ki. Meanwhile Mou Bu found the Zhao HQ in the mountains. Ryuu Koku army and Mou Bu combined armies of 25.000 men are now advancing to lauch an attack on the Zhao 30.000 men strong HQ. The strategist trainees also see the smoke signals. Although they can't figure out the meaning of this signals, but the fact that they used is important. Because these smoke signals does't only notify allies of someone position, but also enemies. Mou Bu and Ryuu Koku armies are now attacking the Zhao HQ. Mou Bu strength proves to much for the soldiers guarding the HQ. Then their momentum is been halted by Chou Sou counter. Hou Ken then steps in and is about to face Mou Bu.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters introducedEdit

Chapter notesEdit

  • Shou Mou soldiers are retreating.
  • Ou Ki has a talk with Shin.
  • Hou Ken is back at Zhao HQ.
  • Zhao HQ is being notified of Shou Mou dead.
  • Zhao HQ is being notified of Ou Ki appearance.
  • Mou Bu found the Zhao HQ in the mountains.
  • Mou Bu and Ryuu Koku armies are attacking Zhao HQ.



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