Chapter 159 cover

Release Date July 11, 2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 159
Volume 15
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Prediction is the 159th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


The battle continues between Zhao and Qin. Chou Sou is being notified of Ou Ki leading the charge. Because of Ou Ki charge, his army morale has raised to its maximum. Mou Bu is watching at the side lines watching Ou Ki advance as he was saved by Ou Ki arrival. One of Ou Ki soldiers notices that his lord is rushing this battle. Ou Ki slaying the Zhao soldiers one by one with ease as then Chou Sou is forced to alter his formation. Chou Sou notices as well that Ou Ki is rushing the battle and asks himself why as he then questions if he realised the plan. Not even the Zhao army noticed Ri Boku arrival because oh his information blockade. The infantry from Qin is being called along with the Hi Shin Unit. They are ordered to attack the Zhao HQ. Ou Ki prepared himself with the possibility of another army arriving and send out scouts and positions his army such a way he could deal with it as the time arrives. Ou Ki however is confident he can conclude this war before the hidden army arrives. Hou Ken then disappears.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters introducedEdit

Chapter notesEdit

  • Chou Sou is being notified of Ou Ki leading the charge.
  • A flashback of Ri Boku battle plan is shown.
  • Zhao army didn't notice Ri Boku arrival.
  • Ou Ki predicted that a hidden army could arrive.
  • Hou Ken then disappears.



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