300 Majiu Solders

Chapter 16 cover

Release Date Jun 14, 2012
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 16
Volume 2
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300 Majiu Soldiers is the 16th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Ei Sei leads his soldiers up a mountain, many of them are exhausted and struggle to keep pace. Shin notices that they their marching line is getting longer and longer and that even Shou Bun Kun is beginning to lag behind, Ei Sei sends orders for a rest break. Impatiently waiting, Shin antagonises the soldiers by telling them they're slow, that if they keep at the pace they're going Sei Kyou will be crowned the new king. Ei Sei warns Shou Bun Kun the path is going to become even more treacherous. Ei Sei continues to lead as they reach even further up the mountain. Ten wonders how the hierarchy of the mountain people works, Ei Sei explains that there are an innumerable amount of mountain clans who forge many alliances and that those alliances all elect the king of the mountains. Shin wonders how Ei Sei knows where they are going, Sei tells him he vaguely knows which way to go but points out idols in the distance carved into rock as well.

The soldiers continue to lag behind becoming more and more fatigued, many collapse before Shou Bun Kun orders that anyone who falls behind is to descend the mountain and wait to regroup back at Boku Kou's retreat. Shou Bun Kun agrees with Shin, that they are taking too long. Heki is shocked, he believes they need as many men as possible to protect the king from the mountain people. Shou Bun Kun tells him the mountain warriors would annihilate them all anyway. Shin asks why Heki is so afraid. Heki tells him a story of how Boku Kou had sent food to a desperate neighbouring state and even though they had been enemies he helped them through a famine only to have them betray him by coming and attacking Qin whilst they suffered a famine of their own. Surrounded on all sides Boku Kou had no allies left until three hundred mountain warrior's appeared from nowhere and turned the battlefield of thousands into a crimson mess. Heki finishes his story and explains that there is rumours that hate for the plains dwellers has been growing ever since Boku Kou had passed away. Shin notices Ei Sei has already continued on ahead, behind them a number of masked figures watch from atop a cliff in the distance.


Characters IntroducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Ei Sei army is headed for the mountain king.
  • more of Boku Kou back story is shown.
  • flashback about the mountain people is shown.
  • Boku Kou aided Jin when they had famine(is a widespread scarcity of food).
  • When Qin had famine Jin invaded Qin.
  • Qin with aid of 300 mountain people vs Jin: winner Qin.
  • mountain people fight very brutal.



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