Commanders in Sight

Chapter 160 cover

Release Date July 11, 2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 160
Volume 15
Chapter Guide
Chapter 159
Chapter 161

Commanders in Sight is the 160th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Because of the pressure Qin uses on the Zhao army, they decided to pull back their HQ. Chou Sou doesn't see Hou Ken and asks around if anyone knows where he went. The Zhao army knows that they have to stop Ou Ki, but after seeing his display of strength, they don't know how. Then out of nowhere a spear is being fired at Ou Ki at a huge speed as he then dodges it and killing three man behind Ou Ki instead. Everyone is surprised and asking themselves what just happened. The spear was send by Hou Ken and both he and Ou Ki are now in battle range. The Hi Shin Unit hears that something is going on, also Tou and Chou Sou are wondering of what happening. Everyone is making room for these Commander in Chiefs to let them have their duel. They are staring at each other as they remember their last encounter. They are both ready to duel once again.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters introducedEdit

  • Seiu

Chapter notesEdit

  • Zhao is pulling back their HQ.
  • Seiu lost his father an brother to Ou Ki army.
  • Ou Ki is about to duel Hou Ken.



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