Individual Might

Chapter 161 cover

Release Date July 11, 2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 161
Volume 15
Chapter Guide
Chapter 160
Chapter 162

Individual Might is the 161st chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Hou Ken wants to begin his long waited duel wit Ou Ki in order prove that he is the strongest. Also he wants to kill him as then Ou Ki says that that is his line. They star then riding towards each other and starts swinging their glaives as then Hou Ken is being blown away. Ou Ki says that he is light. Shin and his unit then hears from afar cheering. Shin deduces that this level of moral must be from the Commander in Chiefs. Then the Infantry is being ordered to attack the Zhao HQ. as then they commence the attack. Shin asks Kyou Kai who she thinks is stronger Ou Ki or Hou Ken. She then states without any pause that Hou Ken is stronger. The others are pissed that she dared to say that as shin just thinking about it. Kyo Gai says that they have earned the right to see Hou Ken final moments as then Shou Sa says that they weren't ordered by the general directly and as independent unit they aren't obligated to take orders other than a general. Shin then uses this to hustle up. Ou Ki and Hou Ken duel still continuous and everyone around of both armies just watching how this goes. One of Ou Ki soldiers state that he was worried that nine years ago when he defeated Hou Ken that he was wounded by his battle with Kyou and that he might be stronger then Ou Ki. Suddenly Ou Ki is being pushed back and Hou Ken says to Ou Ki that you must be capable of much more than this.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters introducedEdit

Chapter notesEdit

  • Ou Ki and Hou Ken duel begins.
  • The Hi Shin Unit are not taking part in taking down Zhao HQ.



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