Source of Strength

Chapter 165 cover

Release Date July 15, 2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 165
Volume 16
Chapter Guide
Chapter 164
Chapter 166

Source of Strength is the 165th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


The duel between Ou Ki and Hou Ken continues and Shin notices Ou Ki doesn't move. He is thinking back of when Kyou is killed. The anger he felt after witnessing her death. He then starts roaring and every member of the Qin soldiers are shocked. Hou Ken is happy as this then person who defeated him nine years ago. In Hou Ken duel between Kyou, he states that there can only one person that the heavens fear and that one is him. Ou Ki then charges in, angered of what he witnessed. Ou Ki easily overpowered him, leaving Hou Ken shocked. Ou Ki soldiers then charges on Hou Ken and leaving him for death. Hou Ken survived this battle and asks himself on why he was defeated. He then realises that Ou Ki simply was far above him. At the present time they start clashing again. Some soldiers are getting caught in the cross fire. Hou ken then tells Ou Ki that his wounds took 3 years to heal. After that i trained for six years. Then one day a messenger of Ri Boku appeared. He only agreed to him because he felt that he reached a level of power Ou Ki would never be able to reach, but He then sees that he can't repel his blows. Ou Ki has been on the battlefield since the age of 13. He slain and buried tens of thousands of foes and lost tens of thousand of comrades. The hope and wishes which faded together with the spark of all those lives. All of that now dwells heavily upon these two shoulders. Also Kyou will is also with him. He then states a hermit like him who spends his life in the mountains all alone probably has no idea of what this entails.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters introducedEdit

Chapter notesEdit

  • A flashback of the duel of Hou Ken and Kyou is shown.
  • Hou ken wounds of Ou Ki took 3 years to heal.
  • Ou Ki has been on the battlefield since the age of 13.



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