Like Oil & Water

Chapter 166 cover

Release Date July 15, 2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 166
Volume 16
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Chapter 165
Chapter 167

Like Oil & Water is the 166th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Ou Ki is ending his speech of what it means to be a general. Shin believes he is right, Hou Ken however thinks he is just wasting his breath. He states that no matter the era, there will always be fools like you with such mistaken ideals. The dead become only dust as the defeated fall to the earth while the victors rise closer to the heavens. As he says that he marches on Ou Ki as then Ou Ki blocks his attack. Ou Ki knows to the end of times they will never see eye to eye as Hou Ken simply says of course. Tou and his army is still fighting Chou Sou and his army. He is breaking trough the third formation as Chou Sou is having it difficult. The Tou army are now in sight of the Zhao HQ as they locate where Chou Sou is. Hou Ken is still asking himself why can't defeat Ou Ki as he states that his speed, strength and technique are of a higher level then him. Kyou Kai understands Hou Ken as she was also raised with the believe emotions are not needed for strength. She is stunned that Ou Ki is actually capable of matxhing Hou Ken as this goes against everything she is thought. Ou Ki is about to give the finish blow as says to him that he should ask Kyou the reason of his loss. Suddenly Ou Ki stops the attack as a rumbling starts. A huge army is arriving with Ri Boku in front.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters introducedEdit

Chapter notesEdit

  • Tou is in sight of the Zhao HQ.
  • A huge army is arriving with Ri Boku in front.



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