Qin's Military Prestige

Chapter 167 cover

Release Date July 25, 2013
Arc Battle of Bayou Arc
Chapter 167
Volume 16
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Chapter 166
Chapter 168

Qin's Military Prestige is the 167th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


The armies are chocked to see another army arriving. Ou Ki estimated that it would have taken the new army a half a day to arrive, however they arrived already. His prediction of a hidden army where spot on, but the time table was wrong. This increase of speed of Ri Boku Cavalry was due to they were accustomed to the terrain because of the conflict with the Xiongnu. Ri Boku had predicted that Ou Ki would misguided the speed of his army as he already investigated Ou Ki service record. Ri Boku saw in the reports that Ou Ki never fought the Xiongnu. After seeing this army, Ou Ki is sweating slightly. Meanwhile the Hi Shin Unit and the rest of Ou Ki army are still is shock. Another flag of Three Great Heavens is raised and Qin army are covering in fear witnessing now two great heavens. Shin asks Ryuu Sen how many men power this new army has. He says there are as much soldiers as he can see. Chou Sou and Heki then see the army ass well. Chou Sou says that the army of Ri Boku is 40.000. A sudden fresh army in front of Qin caused the moral of Qin drop to zero. The location however is the most unfortunate of Qin as the are now locked in by mountains and Zhao army. Kaine asks why going so far as they didn't need to do that for Xiongnu as then one of Ri Boku states that Ou Ki head is worth more then the fifty castles he conquered. The lose of Ou Ki will result in the loss of prestege of Qin and the rise of prestige of Zhao. Ri Boku then orders the first wave to move forward. Th battle has become one sided. Ou Ki soldiers then surround Ou Ki in order to protect him. Suddenly Ou Ki smiled as he says that he is impressed. He states that this is the first in 20 years to face such a hopeless situation. Ou Ki then instructs his army on how to attack. The Hi Shin Unit then gets fired up to attack. Hou Ken then asks Ou Ki where he is going as the duel hasn't finished is.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters introducedEdit

  • Gika
  • geni
  • Shuu Ou
  • Sai Tou
  • Ko Gan

Chapter notesEdit

  • Ri Boku army arrived sooner then Ou Ki expected.
  • Ri Boku investigated Ou Ki.
  • Ou Ki never fought the Xiongnu.
  • Ri Boku army is 40.000 men strong.
  • Qin is surrounded by mountains and Zhao soldiers.
  • Ou Ki conquered 50 castles.



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