Chapter 17 cover

Release Date Febuary 18, 2013
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 17
Volume 2
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Chapter 16
Chapter 18

Encounter is the 17th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Ei Sei continues to lead his troops up into the mountains. Shin and Ten follow closely behind them they notice the soldiers are falling behind again. Shin and Ten mock their fatigue, saying the higher ranking soldiers don't need strength since they can bribe their up ranks with money and influence. Heki claims that even though he is from a noble family he achieved his rank through his own merits. Shin notices Sei's freakish stamina and recalls his strength, he wonders what Sei has been through. Shin begins to ask bur stops after calling to the king. Shou Bun Kun follows from behind in the column of soldiers ascending the mountain, he collapses cursing his lack of old age and looking forward he criticizes Shin's competence. Shou Bun Kun notices before anyone else, but it is too late. A mountain warrior's ambush surrounds them all.

Shou Bun Kun orders his men make a defensive circle around the king, Ei Sei tells him to stand down noting they'd be dead already if the mountain warriors wanted. Each side stands prepared for battle, one of the masked warriors walks forward towards Ei Sei. Shin intercepts him before he can get too close, stretching he stares at the masked warrior clean in the face. Heki and Ten draw Shin back apologizing for his rudeness. The warrior speaks in the plains dweller language. He tells them they are intruding on the mountain folks land. Normally they'd be killed but this time is an exception since Ei Sei journeys to see their king. Heki wonders how they could know that, he says their king knows everything. He reveals he knows who Ei Sei is, king of Qin and offers to escort Ei Sei to their home. Shin is eager to go but is quickly stopped and thrown back to the ground. The masked warrior offers them an ultimatum. Either Ei Sei goes with them now and all his soldiers withdraw or they will kill everyone without mercy. 


Characters IntroducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • a lot of Ei Sei army is falling behind because of the mountains.
  • Shin stated that Ei Sei has experienced his share in life.
  • Ei Sei army and the mountain people made contact.
  • only Ei Sei is allowed to see the mountain king.



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