Entrusted Thoughts

Chapter 18 cover

Release Date Febuary 18, 2013
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 18
Volume 2
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Commitment is the 18th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


After hearing the mountain warriors ultimatum, Shou Bun Kun urges Ei Sei to rethink this plan. The mountain warrior declines his proposal saying Ei Sei will go with them either way and that he should do it fast as the other mountain warriors are spoiling for battle. Another mountain warrior comes forward and reaches towards Sei with his hand. Shin strikes the newcomer with his fist and knocks the warrior back. Shin demands that the mountain men take all of the soldiers and Sei to the warriors leader otherwise they'll beat them all. The mountain warriors dart forward, Shin and the soldiers draw their weapons but before the fight commences Ei Sei raises his hand and calls for everyone to stop moving. The mountain warriors pause and the soldiers question the king. Ei Sei declares that he will go with the mountain warriors to meet their leader. Heki and Shou Bun Kun both try to dissuade the king but Sei is stalwart in his goal of getting the mountain warriors as his allies, he orders all of his soldiers to withdraw and regroup at Boku Kou's shrine. Sei begins to leave and Shin asks if he is meant to stay behind as well. Sei tells him his sword isn't needed for meetings.

The soldiers rest as they descend the mountain. Heki insists Sei was kidnapped as Shin lays on the ground he begins questioning the mountain warrior plan and whoever came up with it. Shin notices Shou Bun Kun looming over him with his sword raised high into the air. Rolling onto his side SHin narrowly misses being hit, scrambling on the ground Shin guards against another one of Shou Bun Kuns attacks. Cursing Shou Bun Kun, Shin parries his blow and kicks the older man in his injured leg. Kneeling on the ground Shou Bun Kun begs Shin to go after Ei Sei. Shin accepts and tells the old man he didn't need to bow to him. As they part ways, Ten follows Shin and Heki escorts Shou Bun Kun. Shou Bun Kun calls back to Shin apologizing to him about the death of his friend Hyou, that his plans had failed and that he was entrusting Shin with the king's safety. 


Characters IntroducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Shin attacked one of the mountain people, Ei Sei stops the fight.
  • Ei Sei agreed to the conditions of the mountain people.
  • Shou Bun Kun attacks Shin in order to test him, and admits that he is the only person capable protecting the king.
  • Shin goes after Ei Sei.
  • Shou Bun Kun asked shin for forgiveness for what happened to Hyou.



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