Gyoku Hou's Might

Chapter 191 cover

Release Date August 15, 2013
Arc Sanyou Campaign Arc
Chapter 191
Volume 18
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Gyoku Hou's Might is the 191st chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Shin is still shocked about the tactic Ou Hon displayed and asks what that gigantic structure is. Mou Ten and his unit are shocked as well while Mou Ten tells that is expected of the Ou main family. They however do know what that structure is, a siege tower. The Wei general Fuu Haku tries to keep his men calm by stating there are only 200 men. He orders them to surround them as this will solve the problem, However Mou Ten states that is impossible. Ou Hon single handedly slays a group of enemy soldiers with ease. Mou Ten sates that against his spear technique even a dozen men can't get near him. Even more, every single member of the Gyoku Hou Unit are expert fighters in their own right. Not only that, they are all capable of performing high level coordinated combat without even the slightest hint of disorder. They already reached a level of power that surpasses an average 1000-man unit. Shin is frustrated that even without their horses they are still that strong. Mou Ten states even from afar he can see that his men combat skills have been refined to a whole new level.

Fuu Haku men are suggesting their general to retreat temporary. However he orders to summon all the reserve units to teach the Qin soldiers a lesson. Even from far away it can be seen that the Wei soldier and most of all their general is mad. Ou Hon display however not only shocked his enemy's, but his allies as well as nobody knew about his plan. However this plan comes with a prise as now they Gyoku Hou Unit are on their own.

At Mou Gou HQ, reports are coming in. Mou Gou is being notified of the Gyoku Hou Unit breaching the castle. The men who started the smoke screen are now mounted and Ou Hon orders his men into defensive formation. Ou Hon states that he has no desire to the head of a general like him. His true aim was opening the gate. The Wei soldiers are doing all they can to stop Ou Hon and his unit, but they are to late. However it isn't the remainder of the Gyoku Hou Unit that comes in first, but the Gaku Ka Unit lead by Mou Ten. Shocking the Gyoku Hou Unit, namely Ou Hon.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters introducedEdit

Chapter notesEdit

  • The structure Ou Hon brought was a siege tower.
  • every single member of the Gyoku Hou Unit are expert fighters in their own right.
  • Nobody knew about Ou Hon plan.
  • Ou Hon aimed on opening the gate.
  • The Gaku Ka Unit made use of Ou Hon opening the gate for his men to enter.



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