Chapter 212 cover

Release Date September 8, 2013
Arc Sanyou Campaign Arc
Chapter 212
Volume 20
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Chapter 211
Chapter 213

Villain is the 212th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


The Fourth day of the battle is beginnning, and Wei general Kaishibou is having trouble with Kanki's warfare since the beginning of the war. Kanki fights using guerilla warfare, and does a good job on avoiding direct combat, usually attacking by ambushes in various hills and mountains. While the guerilla warfare is one of the main strength of Kan Ki, his brutality is also unmatched. A cargo of dead,mutilated corpses arrives at the Wei HQ, which shocks the Wei soldiers and angries them greatly. While reviewing the dead corpse, another cargo arrives, full of bags. Kaishibou commands his men to open the bags, much to their displeasure. As a bag is opened, hundreds of eyeballs drop on the ground. Similar bags full of ears arrive soon. Kaishibou notes that this is causing a great psychological effect on his soldiers, as many have became afraid and demoralized.

As Kaishibou is planning on how to deal with Kanki, Gen Pou arrives, and notifies Kaishibou that the he is taking command over the Wei left army. Kaishibou, obviously stressed, asks Genpou if it was Renpa's decision for this change of commanders. Genpou confirms this, and tells Kaishibou that there is no reason for him to worry, as his type of warfare is not suited to go against Kanki. Genpou tells him that he will show Kanki the true meaning of strategic warfare.

Meanwhile, Kanki and his army are just finishing killing Wei soldiers, impaling them on spikes and preparing themselves to notify the Wei army. Whilst doing so, a messenger arrives, telling Kanki that the enemy has somehow found out the position of their headquarters. Kanki is immeadiately notified that their spy has found out that Genpou will be in charge of the Wei left army.

Kaishibou having found out the location of the enemy HQ thanks to Genpou quickly starts preparing to launch an attack. At the Wei HQ Genpou is notified of this, but notices that the messengers have blood on their armor. Not wasting a second, Kanki and his soldiers quickly kill every Wei soldier, and Kanki personally comes close to Genpou. Genpou criticizes Kanki, telling him that sneaking into an enemy HQ cannot be considered a tactic, but tries convincing Kanki to be his student. Kanki instantly disagrees, and swiftly beheads Genpou.




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