That Era

Chapter 237 cover

Release Date October 6, 2013
Arc Sanyou Campaign Arc
Chapter 237
Volume 22
Chapter Guide
Chapter 236
Chapter 238

That Era is the 237th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Ren Pa insults Ou Ki's death, lamenting how it smeared mud on the names of the Six Great Generals of Qin and Three Great Heavens of Zhao. Shin yells bullshit, freezing everyone in their tracks. Ren Pa eyes the youngster, saying Shin must become worthy of his time. Shin responds by throwing Rin Ko's sword, telling the world that Shin of the Hi Shin unit killed Rin Ko. Soldiers on both sides argue in disbelief, but Rin Ko's sword is proof. Ren Pa reminisces Rin Ko' refusal to switch to a new pair of swords and promised to use the precious pair Ren Pa gave him until the day he dies. Overcome with anger, Ren Pa steps towards Shin.

Mou Ten yells for Shin to run away from certain death. Shin knows Mou Ten is right but stands his ground, believing his personal growth must come from facing the strength of a former Great Heaven. Dismounting, Shin looks on as the hands of Ou Ki and Rin Ko push him forward. Ren Pa strikes Shin with a massive blow. Using his sword to protect his life, Shin looks up wide-eyes as his leg wounds burst open with blood, before Ren Pa's glaive slams him to the ground.

Miraculously, Shin's sword protected him, and he accepted a great generals full strength as incredible. Taking advantage of Ren Pa's bewilderment at this unknown boy, Shin rises for a counterattack, but Ren Pa blows him away with another powerful glaive strike. Shin rises to his feet again, shocking Ren Pa further. As Mou Ten orders his soldiers to protect Shin from the next inevitable strike, Mou Gou intervenes.

Mou Gou reminds Ren Pa that both Genpou and Rin Ko are dead and Shin was able to survive two full-strength strikes. Although the era is changing, Ren Pa's golden era shouldn't lose it's luster. Ren Pa thinks back to the day Ou Ki dined with him. Ou Ki tells him it's fine to leave their era as it is, since it's already closed. 




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