Chapter 238 cover

Release Date October 7, 2013
Arc Sanyou Campaign Arc
Chapter 238
Volume 22
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Chapter 237
Chapter 239

Selfishly is the 238th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Mougou reminded Renpa that his golden era didn't lose its luster. Qin and Wei soldiers climb towards the summit hurriedly, desperate to reach the top first. A Wei soldier worries at the superior number of Qin soldiers ascending, eventually outnumbering Renpa's forces on the summit. Renpa doesn't care about the passing of eras and steps towards Shin. Soldiers on both sides unanimously agree tha the duel is over and a chaotic melee ensues. Renpa cuts down soldiers as he continues to advance towards Shin. In a last ditch effort to save Shin, Mougou revealed that Shin inherited Ouki's glaive. Looking at a fearless and determined Shin, Renpa uknew it's the truth.

Renpa questioned Shin about Ouki's last moments, whether Ouki was relieved his defeat wouldn't tarnish his fame or did he die with regret and hatred. Shin answered that Ouki died with neither, that the strong will always lose to even stronger, and that made the Warring States an interesting era. Ouki died with a smile. The last image of Ouki was what a great general of the heavens looks like. Renpa stood in amazement, believing Shin's words and looked to the heavens at Ouki. Mougou offered to fight Renpa as final battle in their careers. As the Qin and Wei forces rushed towards each other for a final clash, the Kaishibou army arrived. 

Kaishibou effortlessly smashed his way through the Qin blockade, but before he could reach Mougou, smoke appeared on the Wei headquarters. Kanki had taken the hill.




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