Ten's Resolve

Chapter 246 cover

Release Date October 17, 2013
Arc Sanyou Aftermath Arc
Chapter 246
Volume 23
Chapter Guide
Chapter 245
Chapter 247

Ten's Resolve is the 246th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.




  • Shin finds our that Ka Ryo Ten is a girl.
  • 1000 Wei soldiers are at the foot of Mount Kei
  • Shin refuses to give Ka Ryo Ten any rights to command.
  • Hai Rou, Suu Gen and Den Yuu have collapsed, with Wei taking their camps.
  • Shin declares claims he will reclaim the camps himself, until Ka Ryo Ten reveals Wei have set traps for him, and asks to swap with him.


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Battle of Bayou Arc Third Faction Arc Sanyou Campaign Arc Sanyou Aftermath Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
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Western Zhao Invasion Arc

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