Small Kingdom

Chapter 257 cover

Release Date November 5, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 257
Volume 24
Chapter Guide
Chapter 256
Chapter 258

Small Kingdom is the 257th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


When both Qin and Chu forces began pulling back their troops. Under orders from high command, the Hi Shin Unit made for the City of Toukin, located towards the eastern fringe. The area they were about to enter was outside of the maps they had. It was an unexplored territory to the Qin Army.They needed to proceed with caution. They then see an injured boy walking out of the woods, he then collapses. They patch him up and he tells them the city of Jo is being attacked by the Han Army. They have never heard of the city of Jo, and ask him which state is Jo in? He responds by telling them Jo is a State. Shuu then begs them to save his mother.They then put their mission on pause to save Jo. They stop and see a large amount of corpses. Shin then decides to fight the Han Army.Outside Jo 2000-Man Commander Bakan hears that a Qin Army appeared outside the city.

Characters In Order Of AppearanceEdit

  1. Ka Ryo Ten
  2. Shin
  3. Taku Kei
  4. Shou Sa
  5. Den Ei
  6. Kou Yoku
  7. Haku Rei
  8. Kou
  9. Bi Hei
  10. Kei
  11. Kyo Gai
  12. Den Yuu
  13. Shuu (Jo)
  14. Ryuu Yuu
  15. So Sui
  16. Bakan



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