Jo's Livelihood

Chapter 258 cover

Release Date November 7, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 258
Volume 24
Chapter Guide
Chapter 257
Chapter 259

Jo's Livehood is the 258th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Outside of Jo the Han Army is about to breakdown the Gate to the City. The Village Elder tells them they have to resort to taking their own lives, to show them the glory of Jo until the end, than meet their ends at the hands of the Han. As they are about to start with the children they notice the Han Army’s attacks have stopped. The Hi Shin Unit Cavalry had started attacking the Han. When the infantry arrives Ten has them advance into the City as they are, without knowing how many men the enemy has. But the enemy doesn’t know their numbers either. But they most likely have less than 5000 men, and the Hi Shin Unit has the element of surprise, and smash through them without giving them the chance to rally themselves. Shin then cuts down Bakan in one swing. The Han then retreat. In Jo they honor the Hi Shin Unit with a feast. They proceed to tell them how Jo has managed to survive. Because Jo is under the protection of the three States of Wei, Zhao, and Chu. The State’s livelihood depends on the selling of information. They give Ten a map of the surrounding area. The path to Toukin City which is their destination was marked on the map. Also that that Jo will not forget the debt they owe the Hi Shin Unit. As they are about to leave Shin tells Shuu to endure his wounds of glory. It was thanks to him that Jo was saved. Then they tell each other they will never forget about each other. On their way to Toukin City Seki signals. Shin, Ten, and Seki spot Riboku stepping out of a carriage.

Characters In Order Of AppearanceEdit

  1. Shin
  2. So Sui
  3. Karyoten
  4. Den Kou
  5. Suu Gen
  6. Bi Hei
  7. Bakan
  8. Kyo Gai
  9. Shuu (Jo)
  10. Seki
  11. Riboku
  12. Kaine



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