Chu & Zhao

Chapter 259 cover

Release Date November 7, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 259
Volume 24
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Chapter 258
Chapter 260

Chu & Zhao is the 259th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Shin and Ten were surprised to see Riboku, so much that they almost gave away their location. Kaine then informs Riboku that the preparations are compete. They then depart. Seki goes back to the Hi Shin Unit to inform them that Shin and Ten went to chase after Riboku, because he wanted to confirm with his own eyes what Riboku was up to. Also, Shin wanted them to get ready to charge the enemy at a moment's notice. When Shin senses people nearby he has Ten wait, while he goes to investigate. He finds a tent, and then steps out Riboku with a mysterious man. Shin is then attacked by Kaine. She and Riboku recognize him, and wonder what he's doing there. Riboku apologies to the mysterious man, calling Shin an acquaintance. The man then order his poison archer to not kill Shin. And they take their leave. They then capture Shin and Ten. Shin then asks Riboku who the mysterious man was, Riboku tells him that it has nothing to do with him. Later it is revealed the man is actually the state of Chu Prime Minister, Shun Shin Kun. When Rin Bu Kun ask if they were discussing a Chu-Zhao Alliance. Shun Shin Kun informs him that they underestimate Riboku too much, and he is far more terrifying than they can imagine. They cut to Shin and Riboku alone. Riboku informs Shin that an alliance really is a convenient thing. And thanks to the Qin-Zhao Alliance that's in place, Shin was unable to put a hand on him, though he must be burning for revenge. He informs Shin the purpose of an alliance is not simply for the sake of preventing an enemy from attacking you. Rather, importance lies in what you can obtain after the alliance. As well as your actions after the alliance. Shin then asks if that's the case didn't Qin come out ahead? Since they acquired a huge strategical stronghold in the area of Sanyou. And Zhao wasn't really able to grab that much territory in their war with Yan. Riboku tells him so long as he continues to believe that acquiring territory is all there s to warfare, he will never be able to defeat him in his life. He then challenges Shin to a duel, and if he wins he will divulge all his plans to him.

Characters In Order Of AppearanceEdit

  1. Shin
  2. Karyoten
  3. Seki
  4. Riboku
  5. Kaine
  6. Kei Sha
  7. Suu Gen
  8. Bi Hei
  9. Kyo Gai
  10. Shun Shin Kun
  11. Kokushi
  12. Hakurei
  13. Kou Yoku
  14. Rin Bu Kun



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