A Warrior's Body

Chapter 260 cover

Release Date November 7, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 260
Volume 24
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Chapter 259
Chapter 261

A Warrior's Body is the 260th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Ten tells Kaine that she became a strategist, under Shin's unit, which disappoints Kaine. Ten asks her what someone like Riboku is doing in such a place, but Kaine tells her that she cannot give such information. While continuing their walk throughout the forest, they stumble on Ri Boku and Shin, in what looks to appear like as a duel.

Just as about they are to clash, Kaine and Ten run in to prevent it. Shin doesn't seem to care, and still goes to strike with his full strength, but is blocked by Ri Boku. Ri Boku returns the strike, and knocks Shin back, to Ten's surprise.

After getting knocked back, Shin exclaims that he knew Ri Boku was no ordinary strategist, as there is no way a simple strategist can beat Ou Ki. Shin tells Ri Boku that he will take him down head on and not on a cheap way, and explains that this 'duel' was a mere observation of Ri Boku's strength. Ri Boku notes that Shin has grown up, and then lets him and Ten go back to their unit.

Whilst going back, Ten tells Ri Boku that she knows something is going on, because there is no reason for Ri Boku alone to come along with his troops, without meeting with another army or official, such as the Chu, which would result in an alliance. Ri Boku praises Ten for this observation, and tells her that she's learned well, but that Shin and herself still don't know the true terror of war.

20 Days after Shin and Ri Boku's meeting, Ri Boku arrives in the Wei capital Dairyou, to meet with the Wei king, Kei Bin.




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