Superstate's Invasion

Chapter 262 Cover

Release Date November 10, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 262
Volume 25
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Chapter 263

Superstate's Invasion is the 262nd chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


As the Chu army lead by Rin Bu Kun advances, the news reach the court where everyone is informed that Fort Nanko has fallen and Chu is invading Qin. The messenger says that the Chu army has around 50,000 soldiers and has reached an area around Yasen.

Ryofui tells everyone to stop panicking, as the generals Mou Bu and Chou Tou were positioned at the border of Qin and Chu on the south. The Chu army continues going forward, not meeting a single enemy, while the Mou Bu and Chou Tou army try to catch up to them. Suddenly, Tou appears along with Rin Bou and Dou Kin leading 5000 soldiers. Doukin manages to reach Hakurei and Rinbukun. Doukin and Rinbukun start a duel, but Doukin is slain in one hit from the Chu general's mace.

The Hi Shin unit that abandoned Tougun reaches the Chu battlefield, but finds a huge Wei army advancing below them.



  • The Chu army has 50,000 people
  • The Tou army that intercepted the Chu army has 5,000 elite troops
  • The Wei army advancing towards Qin has 100,000 people


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