Encroaching Coalition Army

Chapter 264 Cover

Release Date November 14, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 264
Volume 25
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Chapter 263
Chapter 265

Encroaching Coalition Army is the 264th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Shin and his unit slowly realise that all of the states are attacking Qin, as they see a Han army near them. The Coalition Army slowly starts their attacks on Qin. At the battlefield where the Zhao army is positioned, Ri Boku is informed that general Kei Sha has succesfully entered Bayou city.

In the court, as the officials realise a coalition army is approaching, Shou Bun Kun states that the only time a coalition army was ever seen was 40 years ago, when all six states attacked Qi, under the leadership of Yan great general Gaku Ki. Qi lost everything but 2 cities, Sokuboku and Kyo.

The Coalition Army makes their way in deeper into Qin territorry. The Zhao army passes Hou hills, the Yan make it to Etsu and the Wei pass Chuuken. Hearing this, the officials instantly become demoralised, and despite the great number of people, only Shou Hei Kun and Shou Bun Kun try to think of a plan. Ei Sei tells them to not give up, and focus on creating a plan, as the people in the court are the only ones in the state of Qin that can save the kingdom from destruction. The officials agree, their morale regained, and start thinking of plans instantly.

Watching from the side, Ryo Fui and Shou Hei Kun are discussing the battle as well. Ryo Fui says that while regaining morale is good for them, they need something bigger to turn the sides in the dire situation. Shouheikun agrees, saying that they have one more option to strike the Coalition Army, and that is to target the state of Qi, whose armies are yet to reach Qin.

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