Diplomacy's Job

Chapter 265 Cover

Release Date November 14, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 265
Volume 25
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Diplomacy's Job is the 265th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


A messenger arrives at a carriage, and says, that the King of Qi has granted a audience to Sai Taku, who is allready on his way.

A tactical meeting in Kanyou shows the plan to make sure, that Qi does not enter the coalition army.

Arriving at the palace in Qi, Saitaku proceeds without delay to King Ou Ken. Which states, that the army of Qi is on hold, until this meeting is over. So what ever Saitaku says now is of great importance. Saitaku proceeds to ask how much Ri Boku has promised Qi, if they enter the war with Qin. As the ministers of Qi get angry, King Ouken smiles, and says, that wealth is the only reason to do warfare. He also states, that there was not a exact amount of wealth granted, but says, that all of Qin should be divided by the states, according to the number of soldiers they sent. Saitaku offers Qi the double amount of riches, if Qi withdrew. And King Ouken accepts, telling, that is great, to earn double, without losing a single soldier.

When this message reaches Kanyou there is great joy, but Ryo Fui states, that 50'000 isn't a big difference. Shou Hei Kun says it is less about the numbers, than having a potential threat behind the coalition army. Shou Bun Kun thinks, that this will have a great affect on the enemy soldiers, if they could not capture the Qin captial in a short time. Then the message arrives, that the army of Wei was slowed down in the Rai plains.



  • meeting with the king of Qi to withdraw his troops is succesful.
  • reason of the importance of this is expained: to put pressure on the coalition army


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