Child of Fate

Chapter 266 cover

Release Date November 14, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 266
Volume 25
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Chapter 265
Chapter 267

Child of Fate is the 266th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Duke Hyou's troops continued to crash through the Wei army. Heads and body parts flew as the Wei army was unable to stop the advance. As Wei commanders reported the situation from mobile towers, Go Hou Mei, commander-in-chief of the Wei army, cautioned his men to respect the Duke's power, since he was the man who defeated Gohoumei's father, Go Kei. He ordered Wei chariots to sandwich the Duke Hyou troops and grind them down. As the Duke Hyou soldiers were stymied by the pincer attack, Shin led his troops down the slope and clashed into the Wei chariots' right flank.

The attack gave the Duke the spark he needed and ordered his men to attack the right. Suddenly the Wei chariots found themselves pincered instead. Gohoumei's commanders suggested they utilize the fourfold wall but he wanted to try something more interesting. From his command tower, Go Hou Mei directed his troops into a swirling formation, the battlefield becoming a whirlpool. Sensing something off, Duke Hyou withdrew from the battle, realizing that a dangerous general had appeared in Wei. Go Hou Mei watched the Qin forces retreated, pondering if Duke Hyou saw through his Ryudoryoku technique, but dismissed it as impossible, since Ri Boku was probably the one other person who understood the skill.

That night, Duke Hyou paid a visit to the Hi Shin camp. After explaining the gravity of the invasion, he offer to let Shin accompany him in the upcoming battles. That is the duty of a general who fought on the front lines.




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