Check mate on the board

Chapter 267 cover

Release Date November 17, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 267
Volume 25
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Chapter 266
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Check mate on the board is the 267th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Duke Hyou's army of 10,000 continue to battle the 100,000 strong Wei[ army into the fourth day. The duke orders the Hi Shin Unit to take the Shourai Mountain paths and strike the enemy in their flank. Traveling in the direction of the mountain path, Ka Ryo Ten questions the duke's intuition. Shin reassures her, reminding her that Duke Hyou was able to defeat the strategical general Go Kei four years ago by not following normal logic.

Sure enough, the duke's instincts prove correct and the Hi Shin Unit encountere a Wei ambush unit and commenced battle. Unfazed, Go Hou Mei looks on as his ambush failed, analyzing that although the duke sends his men to die for nothing, he won every vital clash to even the losses. Just as he prepared to continue the battle, Duke Hyou retreats. The Zhao army had arrived.

Ri Boku and Go Hou Mei greet each other cordially. Go Hou Mei question why the Zhao army changed their route to come here instead of the agreed upon rendezvous point. Ri Boku reply by questioning why the Wei army wasted four days bogged down with the Duke Hyou army, to the annoyance of the Wei soldiers. Go Hou Mei countered that although Ri Boku proposed a coalition, the Wei and Zhao armies are equal in standing and thus were not obliged to obey each other.

Go Hou Mei states that no matter the speed of their advance, the Qin have been checkmated. Ri Boku assures him that the final goal is the complete destruction of Qin. In Kanyou, Shou Hei Kun, Shou Bun Kun, and others collapse in exhaustion after hundreds of battle simulations. Shou Hei Kun tells Ryo Fui that they have a 20% chance of winning, which the latter accepted as an acceptable gamble. Shou Hei Kun then orders every note worthy general back to Kanyou.




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