Assembling the Party

Chapter 268 cover

Release Date November 19, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 268
Volume 25
Chapter Guide
Chapter 267
Chapter 269

Assembling the Party is the 268th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Qin continue to lose cities to the coalition. Citizens flee to the inner territories, carrying what they could. A discussion begins among a group of refugees. One man reminds the others that China hasn't changed in 500 years; it remains a dog-eat-dog world where the strong devour the weak. If Qin's military can't stop the coalition, it won't just mean defeat, but the annilation of the state.

In Kanyou, Qin's great generals have assembled. Standing in front of the throne are Mou Bu, Chou Tou, Tou, Ou Sen, Kan Ki, Mou Gou, and Duke Hyou. The pressure in the room is hard to breathe. Shou Hei Kun explains the gravity of the situation and calls for the generals to join as one to prepare for total war.

In Fuuman Plains, Go Hou Mei sits waiting in the middle of five empty seats. A large man appears and introduce himself as Ordo, commander of the Yan army. After a brief banter, the commanders of the Chu and Han army, Kan Mei and Sei Kai respectively, arrive to announce themselves. Finally, Ri Boku and the prime minister of Chu arrive to complete the assembly.




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